The reason why?

I’ve found over the last few years that there are hardly any websites that show the progression of starting and running a successful handyman business. The reason I created this blog, is not only to highlight the inner workings of starting and running a business, but to highlight the tools/equipment that I’ve found success with over the years.

A little about me. I’m 41 years old, and have been in the construction industry for most of my life. I have no formal education in the industry, self taught. I experimented with college a few times however, that really wasn't my cup of tea. Born in San Diego to a Navy dad, my brother and I were relocated to North Carolina where we were raised. Once I was on my own, I moved to Maryland and purchased part of a small commercial construction company at the age of 25. That small business turned into a multi-state corporation, with an office in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Northern Virginia.

I’m now back in North Carolina taking it easy and running a small handyman business. Throughout this blog, I’m going to focus on starting and running a business, the tools we used to perform the work, the project details and much more.

I hope you enjoy,